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197 Vote. writed by Won-mi Byun. average rating 6,8 of 10. Drama. movie Info Yeolhan-beonjjae eomma is a movie starring Hye-su Kim, Young-chan Kim, and Seung-ryong Ryu. A woman suddenly appears at Jae-sus house. Nothing in her hands, nowhere to go, the womans empty eyes meet with round eyes of the eleven

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  1. Genres=Drama, Action
  2. writed by=Kader Khan
  3. star=Shammi Kapoor
  4. Resume=Dreaded bandit Mangal Singh is apprehended by Deputy Superintendent of Police, Shamsher Singh, leaving behind a pregnant wife, who gives birth to a son, and passes away. Shamsher and his wife adopt the child, name him Amit, and treat him the same their own son, Kishan. Years later, Mangal is discharged from prison, joins together with his bandit brother, Dilip, and approaches Shamsher to get his son back, but Shamsher refuses. Kishan thinks that he is Mangal's son and starts helping him incognito. Years later both Kishan and Amit have grown up, while Amit is a Police Inspector, Kishan is a teacher in a school for blind children, and Shamsher is now the Police Commissioner. Kishan secretly helps his dad and uncle without anyone's knowledge. Then one day, Amit finds out about Kishan criminal activity, and tells his father about it, but both are unable to prove anything. Then their lives are turned upside down when Amit loses his vision saving Kishan from a time-bomb. Watch what happens when Mangal finds out that Kishan is not his son, and that Amit is
  5. runtime=2Hours 42 minutes